EXHUSBAND is a sound and performance project that deals with masculine ritual, social deviance, control and release.

An action on Friday, 04.21.17 at Spark Contemporary Artspace - 1005 E Fayette St, Syracuse, NY c/o Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Under green lighting EXHUSBAND created an installation with field recordings of the forest at night, Halloween masks, black light posters and a weight bench, among other objects. Urine collected at the performance, 6X6X6 from 02.27.16 in Woodstock, NY was dumped outside SPARK to claim the territory as EXHUSBAND's for the night. EXHUSBAND constructed a 14ft pyramid and wrapped it in black plastic sheeting with droning sound and a mid tempo echoing drum. From inside the pyramid EXHUSBAND performed a version of Annie Lennox's 1995 hit song "No More I Love You's" with pitch shifted vocals and samples from Francis Bacon's interviews with David Sylvester and talk show interviews with GG Allin. After this the performance culminated with the original Annie Lennox track played at high volume and EXHUSBAND flanked the pyramid wielding machetes.

All photos and documentation - Jeremy Tarr