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Pardon My Sandwich Part 2

Life just does not wait! I am about to sit down and enjoy this finely crafted turkey burger, but I must first share with you this piece. If you will please pardon my sandwich and enjoy the tune, Thank you.

Turkey Burger seasoned with Salt/Pepper and Chipotle BBQ
Toasted Bun with Mayo
Topped with Iceberg Lettuce, White Onion, Thin Sliced Tomato
Ketchup and Dijon Mustard

Korg DW8000 - lead
Arturia Minibrute - bass
Roland TR-707 - drums
Roland SP-404sx - sample/fill
Allen & Heath MixWizard Wz3 16:2

DOD Ice Box - chorus
Line6 DL4 - ping pong
Yamaha SPX90ii - reverse gate reverb

Recorded with Ableton Live 8